The Best Toledo Bars & Restaurants

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Doc Watson's
1515 S Byrne Rd
Toledo, OH 43614

This is one of the best places to enjoy a delicious sausage burger, turkey burger, or some prime rib. I also really enjoy the buffalo chicken and the California Turkey Melt. It's a great place to hang out, eat, and have a nice time.

Deli Express
1130 W Bancroft St
Toledo, OH 43606

This is a very fast, friendly, and worthwhile deli as a whole. The service is great, and the people are very nice and very friendly. It's a great atmosphere with wonderful human beings who make really fresh food.

Deez Diner
2007 N Holland Sylvania Rd
Toledo, OH 43615

The service here was totally amazing and totally outstanding, it was and is really and truly amazing. It's a nice family place to, where people really care, and that makes for an above average diner in my book. It's really tasty, and terrific, it's great.

Coney Island Hot Dog
430 N Superior St
Toledo, OH 43604

I had the absolute best double cheeseburger, fish sandwich, and grilled chicken salad here with my Mom. We both really enjoyed the the service and the people to. It was a really great experience all in all.

Claddagh Irish Pub
5001 Monroe St
Toledo, OH 43623

This is a great place to enjoy a delicious salad, and they have really nice happy hour specials. I've never had a bad time here, it's always service with real quality. It's truly great, truly truly great.

Toledo Diner
4202 Monroe St
Toledo, OH 43606

This place has some really really big onion rings, that are tasty and terrific. It also has really nice size eggs, and really great grill cheese sandwiches. I'd highly recommend this as a cute diner for lunch or dinner.

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